How to Select the Best Packaging Materials for Items You Want to Store

Australian residents have the chance to choose from a great variety of decently priced, secure and feature-rich self-storage units put at their disposal by respectable companies operating on this market. But even if you count on the most amazing extra space that you could ever envision, you still have to do your best to pack, move and organize your contents inside your unit.

Cardboard Box for storageYou can’t just throw your valuables in cardboard boxes and consider the job done, especially when dealing with fragile products whose functionality, looks and overall value could be compromised by improper handling and storage. This brings us to a very important question: how could you find the best packaging materials that are a good match for the goods that you want to leave in storage?

Buy and Use Packaging Materials That Are Fully Compatible with the Goods You Wish to Store

In this case, it is essential to find and use packaging materials that are a good fit for the specific category of items that you want to leave inside your self-storage unit. Keep similar products together to ensure an easier identification and save space. Also, keep in mind that fragile valuable things, like the ones listed below, require special storage conditions and a specific type of packaging.

Breakables. Breakables should be stored in clean boxes or any other type of container with cushioning. To create an additional layer of protection, fill your boxes with packing peanuts or foam. This simple action will allow you to prevent breakage. Whatever you do, don’t wrap breakables in newspapers; use special packing paper suitable for wrapping and packing glassware, dishware and other small breakables, to avoid colour transfer.

Delicate fabrics. Pretentious fabrics, like wool, silk or fur, also demand special care and attention. Don’t store these items in plastic laundry bags. Instead, use a clothes rail to keep your organized, and protect them by storing them inside garment dust covers made of fabrics that let the clothing item breathe.

Antiques. Clean and recondition antiques before leaving them in storage. Also, avoid plastic covers that could cause condensation and lead to foul odours and a potential mould and mildew problem.

Electronics. Protect all your valuable collectibles, including old, vintage or limited-edition electronics that could bring you a nice profit at some point in the future, by shielding their surface using soft, clean clothes, sheets, or furniture covers.

Perth Storage Center

Opt for a Reliable Provider of Self Storage in Australia

Most importantly, go for a unit with climate control, and several other modern features geared towards the safety and security of your contents.

I can only vouch for storage services I have personally used. When we needed to store out belongings in Perth before moving out of the Western Australia we used this excellent Perth Storage Facility where everything is climate controlled and your belongings are safe and guaranteed.

Several local self-storage facilities feature onsite stores that sell a wide range of materials that you could use to pack and organize your contents with ease.

Moreover, if you can’t select the most suitable products for your contents, keep in mind that you could always discuss your options with the dependable managers and staff members employed by your favourite provider of self-storage in Australia