Get Liposuction During Your Lunch Break

The art of body sculpting

We all lead busy lives these days. What with school runs, meetings, conference calls, presentations, and trying to fit in exercise and downtime, it can be hard to get rid of stubborn fat. If you’re struggling to lose fat in a particular area and just don’t have the time to commit to exercise that you would like, why not schedule a lunchtime liposuction session?

One Visit, One Hour

Many liposuction centers don’t require you to book an initial consultation if you are undergoing a basic procedure. In fact, they will simply make a pre-procedure phone call and send you a few forms to fill in. Take the forms along to your appointment and make your payment when you schedule the session. You won’t need anyone to go with you, you will be able to drive back to work yourself.

The Benefits of a Lunch Break Lipo Session

There are several advantages to having lipo during your lunch break, including:

  • 30 – 45-minute procedure
  • No sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Walk in and walk out, no extra driver required
  • Return to your daily grind immediately

Different Liposuction Technologies

Most liposuction centers offer several different methods:

Typically, the lunch break liposuction procedure uses the latest lipo methods to melt away those unsightly pockets of fat and have you back at the office in no time at all. These techniques and technologies are much safer and far more precise than the crude fat extraction techniques of yesteryear. Particularly, the Vaser Lipo system maximizes fat extraction without compromising a patient’s safety or comfort levels. The technique focuses on ultrasound energy to get rid of those fat cells without effecting the surrounding tissue, veins, and nerves. The result is less downtime and faster healing. The procedure also works to tighten your skin. So you can return to the office feeling like a brand new person!

Vaser Liposuction Perth

Which Part of the Body Should You Have Liposuction On?

Doctors and surgeons have gone to great lengths to perfect liposuction techniques and can comfortably work on nearly any part of the body with minimal to no sedation. The most common areas people choose to have lunchtime lipo on include the neck, hips, upper arms, lower back, and inner thighs. Each area takes around 45 minutes to complete. The area being worked on is given a local anaesthesia and patients can walk in and out within the hour.

Lunchtime lipo is usually limited to one area at a time. If you feel you need liposuction in more areas, such as larger body parts or the stomach, you will need oral sedation and a longer time away from the office.

A same-day liposuction procedure is the perfect solution for busy workaholics who just don’t get the time to eat right and exercise. However, you will need to start doing so to keep the areas toned and trim. Be sure to consider packing healthy lunch alternatives and at the very least, taking the stairs!