Get Liposuction During Your Lunch Break

The art of body sculpting

We all lead busy lives these days. What with school runs, meetings, conference calls, presentations, and trying to fit in exercise and downtime, it can be hard to get rid of stubborn fat. If you’re struggling to lose fat in a particular area and just don’t have the time to commit to exercise that you would like, why not schedule a lunchtime liposuction session?

One Visit, One Hour

Many liposuction centers don’t require you to book an initial consultation if you are undergoing a basic procedure. In fact, they will simply make a pre-procedure phone call and send you a few forms to fill in. Take the forms along to your appointment and make your payment when you schedule the session. You won’t need anyone to go with you, you will be able to drive back to work yourself.

The Benefits of a Lunch Break Lipo Session

There are several advantages to having lipo during your lunch break, including:

  • 30 – 45-minute procedure
  • No sedation or general anaesthesia
  • Walk in and walk out, no extra driver required
  • Return to your daily grind immediately

Different Liposuction Technologies

Most liposuction centers offer several different methods:

Typically, the lunch break liposuction procedure uses the latest lipo methods to melt away those unsightly pockets of fat and have you back at the office in no time at all. These techniques and technologies are much safer and far more precise than the crude fat extraction techniques of yesteryear. Particularly, the Vaser Lipo system maximizes fat extraction without compromising a patient’s safety or comfort levels. The technique focuses on ultrasound energy to get rid of those fat cells without effecting the surrounding tissue, veins, and nerves. The result is less downtime and faster healing. The procedure also works to tighten your skin. So you can return to the office feeling like a brand new person!

Vaser Liposuction Perth

Which Part of the Body Should You Have Liposuction On?

Doctors and surgeons have gone to great lengths to perfect liposuction techniques and can comfortably work on nearly any part of the body with minimal to no sedation. The most common areas people choose to have lunchtime lipo on include the neck, hips, upper arms, lower back, and inner thighs. Each area takes around 45 minutes to complete. The area being worked on is given a local anaesthesia and patients can walk in and out within the hour.

Lunchtime lipo is usually limited to one area at a time. If you feel you need liposuction in more areas, such as larger body parts or the stomach, you will need oral sedation and a longer time away from the office.

A same-day liposuction procedure is the perfect solution for busy workaholics who just don’t get the time to eat right and exercise. However, you will need to start doing so to keep the areas toned and trim. Be sure to consider packing healthy lunch alternatives and at the very least, taking the stairs!

How to Select the Best Packaging Materials for Items You Want to Store

Australian residents have the chance to choose from a great variety of decently priced, secure and feature-rich self-storage units put at their disposal by respectable companies operating on this market. But even if you count on the most amazing extra space that you could ever envision, you still have to do your best to pack, move and organize your contents inside your unit.

Cardboard Box for storageYou can’t just throw your valuables in cardboard boxes and consider the job done, especially when dealing with fragile products whose functionality, looks and overall value could be compromised by improper handling and storage. This brings us to a very important question: how could you find the best packaging materials that are a good match for the goods that you want to leave in storage?

Buy and Use Packaging Materials That Are Fully Compatible with the Goods You Wish to Store

In this case, it is essential to find and use packaging materials that are a good fit for the specific category of items that you want to leave inside your self-storage unit. Keep similar products together to ensure an easier identification and save space. Also, keep in mind that fragile valuable things, like the ones listed below, require special storage conditions and a specific type of packaging.

Breakables. Breakables should be stored in clean boxes or any other type of container with cushioning. To create an additional layer of protection, fill your boxes with packing peanuts or foam. This simple action will allow you to prevent breakage. Whatever you do, don’t wrap breakables in newspapers; use special packing paper suitable for wrapping and packing glassware, dishware and other small breakables, to avoid colour transfer.

Delicate fabrics. Pretentious fabrics, like wool, silk or fur, also demand special care and attention. Don’t store these items in plastic laundry bags. Instead, use a clothes rail to keep your organized, and protect them by storing them inside garment dust covers made of fabrics that let the clothing item breathe.

Antiques. Clean and recondition antiques before leaving them in storage. Also, avoid plastic covers that could cause condensation and lead to foul odours and a potential mould and mildew problem.

Electronics. Protect all your valuable collectibles, including old, vintage or limited-edition electronics that could bring you a nice profit at some point in the future, by shielding their surface using soft, clean clothes, sheets, or furniture covers.

Perth Storage Center

Opt for a Reliable Provider of Self Storage in Australia

Most importantly, go for a unit with climate control, and several other modern features geared towards the safety and security of your contents.

I can only vouch for storage services I have personally used. When we needed to store out belongings in Perth before moving out of the Western Australia we used this excellent Perth Storage Facility where everything is climate controlled and your belongings are safe and guaranteed.

Several local self-storage facilities feature onsite stores that sell a wide range of materials that you could use to pack and organize your contents with ease.

Moreover, if you can’t select the most suitable products for your contents, keep in mind that you could always discuss your options with the dependable managers and staff members employed by your favourite provider of self-storage in Australia

Do’s and Don’ts of Removing a Tattoo

Tattoo That is regretable

Did your tattoo turn out completely different from what you had in mind? Did you realize that Chinese character on your arm is actually a rude word? It’s probably not your proudest moment, but don’t despair, nowadays there are secure, professional ways of removing a tattoo.

However, here are some important do’s and don’ts you may want to bear in mind before and during your sessions, to prevent any unwanted complications.


  1. Share information about medical conditions and medicine you’re taking.

It is important to tell your tech about any medical conditions you may suffer from, particularly skin disorders and immune system diseases, as well as all the medication you are currently taking, as they may lead to complications during and after your tattoo removal sessions. Don’t hesitate to let them know if any changes occur on the health and medication front.Progression of tattoo removal

  1. Wear sunscreen.

Although it is always recommended that you use sunscreen, for health reasons, it is even more critical that you do so when undergoing tattoo removal treatment. Laser tattoo removal works by targeting dark pigment, which means that getting a tan puts you at risk of complications.

  1. Report allergic reactions.

Some types of tattoo ink, blue and red ink in particular, contain toxic minerals (like cobalt and mercury), which can cause allergic reactions. If you developed such reactions when you first got the tattoo, they tend to recur when trying to get it removed, sometimes taking severe forms, so you should definitely report allergic reactions before starting your sessions.



  1. Don’t try laser tattoo removal if you are or may be pregnant.

The toxic components of some inks are a high risk factor for pregnant women, so if you are or suspect you may be pregnant, you may want to reschedule that tattoo removal job.

  1. Don’t get a tan (spray tans included).

For reasons already mentioned above, you should avoid at all costs getting a tan before going in for your tattoo removal sessions. This goes for a spray tan as well. In case you already got a spray tan, be sure to clear the skin portion which will be subjected to tattoo removal treatment.

before and After tattoo removal from neck

  1. Don’t take antibiotics.

A side effect of antibiotics is increasing your skin’s sensitivity to light, which is not something desirable when undergoing any kind of laser procedure. For health and safety reasons, avoid antibiotics while undergoing tattoo removal treatment. If you have been on antibiotics, you should wait at least 3 to 10 days for them to be out of your system before going in for a laser tattoo removal job.

  1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.

Removing a tattoo takes time. Most people will need an average 10 sessions to get a tattoo completely removed, but this may vary depending on several factors, from its location and ink color to environmental factor and one’s immune system. It is important to be patient and follow your tech’s recommendations to get the best results.

Three Top Tips for a Smooth Bathroom Renovation Experience

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and through WOW, how to I get one of these!

Bathroom Renovation Specialist

Recently me and my partner done exactly that. Jenny, our long time friend from our long lost high school days launched into an endeavour of huge proportions back in the late summer months of 2016. It was all hush, hush between the group for the most part but Jenny let us in so we could cover the story on my new site.

So here it is. Now all the dust has settled, let’s take a look at what was done right, and what could have been made more simple with a little preparation before the bathroom renovation began.

Choosing the right bathroom renovation contractor

From the start, Jenny was anxious about choosing the perfect bathroom renovation specialist. A team of experts who had years of experience renovating bathrooms was the top priority, with the price coming in a close second. “The stress while choosing a bathroom contractor was overwhelming” Jenny said when we first spoke about the new bathroom.

Having full confidence in the people you employ gives you the freedom to stand aside and worry less as big, bulky, contractors rip into your house with fast tools and loud noises.

Eventually, Jenny went with Full Bathroom Renovations found at

Needless to say, the bathroom looks stunning.

Do you need a porta-potty?

portable toiletJenny and her partner spent the better part of two weeks borrowing neighbors bathrooms while the house became a war zone of skill saws, woodwork and fresh paint!

Hiring a portable toilet, although not ideal, may be a great option for you. Talking to your choice of contractor, before the build begins should give you a good understanding of the time taken to renovate, as well as any issues with using the ablutions.

In the best case scenario, the water may only be off for a day allowing you to use your bathroom between the busy days.

Think about your bathrooms user experience

It’s great to have the best-looking bathroom on the block but one thing that needs to be remembered is, you need to use your bathroom!freshly renovated bathroom

Ensuring the user experience still remains high should be one of the most important factors. No one likes to use a bathroom that is cramped, cluttered or simply doesn’t make sense.

Create space, bright lights and lots of storage for a better bathroom experience.


So there you have it, the three most important aspects when creating a bathroom, getting your bathroom renovated or simply upgrading to a new feel.

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